Tips on Meeting People from Nice, France

You’ll be surprised how robust expats are here. Some of them preferred to stay and become citizens. And of course, you’ll meet the locals. As you can see, there is a great diversity of cultures here. For most of the newcomers, they often sense the coldness. But the truth is you just have to break the ice. People from Nice are warm and open for meaningful conversations.

nice streets

Just Be Yourself

It’s very typical for French people to be observant. They are quite good at reading body language. The key to making friends in Nice is just showing them your true self. No pretensions needed. French people like honesty than overselling. When they seem to be unresponsive, that means they are not interested. Don’t worry, you can make friends. You don’t have to insist on friendship. It starts naturally with the right person. Keep going.

Find the Expats

Based on our recent survey, a newcomer would easily make friends with expats. It could be because there is a common ground where they stand. They are both living in a foreign city missing their family and friends. It’s an instant connection that brings individuals into friendship. If you are planning to stay for long due to work or other personal reasons, it’s good to meet new friends who keep you company during your stay. You can find the expats in restaurants in Cote d’Azur.

city street

Join Social Gatherings

French people are hard workers. Their lives revolve mostly at work. It’s quite hard for them to create new friendships outside work. But there is another way to connect with them, it is through wine. During social gatherings like wine tasting, they let their guards down. The stress of working starts to mellow and they begin to be open for new friendships and meaningful conversations.