Social Tours in Nice, France

Nice is a great place where you can socialize and have a good time. Nice is a city, yet it ensures that everyone will enjoy their stay here. It is the perfect balance of city and rural life.


Bike Tours

Nice is a bikable city. Joining bike tours in Côte d’Azur is a great way to get a good view of Nice City in a small amount of time. Your local English Speaking tour guide will facilitate the escapade and will be the one to arrange the date. You’ll pass old-fashioned boulevards, sandy beaches, cathedrals, and towns which could summarize what Nice City is all about. Your tour guide will introduce you to remarkable places and tell you their story. He or she will also take you to hidden spots of Nice’s picture-perfect atmosphere.

Intimate Evening Tour and Dinner

This tour is perfect for a small group of travelers. It is a luxurious dining experience where your group of friends can have an intimate dinner together. There will be chef-cooked dishes, wine, and classic desserts. You and your friends don’t need to buy traffic for website because this moment will bring interesting conversations perfect for blogs. It is a time where you can relax and have a wonderful evening while spending it with your favourite people in the world.


Wine Tasting Tour

French people have the reputation of being wine lovers, and it’s true. If there are people in the world who know what the best wine taste like, it would be French. Nice city offers tours for people who like to learn more about wine. If you are into organic, there are farms in Nice that invite visitors to taste their organic wines. Needless to mention, you’ll also enjoy a good view while sipping wine. If you are a wine lover who likes classic wines, there are tours also curated for you.

Half Day Food and Walking Tour

It is our favourite tour because we get to taste varieties of food from Nice. After a short rest from eating, you’ll get to see Nice’s beautiful towns and sceneries on foot. It’s also a great way to burn those calories from the food you eat. The walking tour allows you to discover nice in its living colours.