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Traveling will get you out of your comfort zone. Headaches along the way can be prevented with simple planning. Plan your trip with us, and see how it works in wonders for you. Our trip planning works for busy individuals, who would like to unwind but have no time to plan their travel. It also works for individuals who need to stay on a budget, but don’t know where to start. Often times, planning can be time-consuming especially, there are things that you can’t find online. There are deals online, but in reality, they are not good deals at all.

How it Works:

Tell us what you want

It starts by telling us what you want to get out of your travel. Are there any specific destinations you would like to go? Are you looking for serenity or would rather socialize? This information will help us curate a plan just for you. Also, if you are a blogger who wants to generate more cheap website traffic to your site, you can hire one of our photographers.

Are you traveling as a group or alone?

Let us know how many are you, so we can check out the best vacation houses and hotels that will fit your budget. We can also arrange reservations to famous restaurants here in Nice to avoid wasting time and inconvenience. If you are traveling alone, we can enlist you to groups of tourists joining the tour, so you’ll meet new friends, and don’t have to feel alone.

Lastly, how much is your budget?

Nice Entertainment can curate a plan according to your budget. There are fun activities you can do here in Nice without spending too much. If your budget is tight, you may opt to share the expenses with other tourists in terms of lodging, transportation, and food which are already included on our travel package.