Attractions in Nice You Shouldn’t Miss

niceNice Old Town

The Nice Old Town is a charming destination for nostalgists travelers. The town is made of old-fashioned houses which offer a dynamic atmosphere. The town is perfect for walking. When you get exhausted of walking, take a rest in the coffee shops owned by the locals. Here you can find the old Opera House, Palace Square, Palace of Justice, Cours Saleya market. They are Nice’s famous tourist destinations. Don’t miss the sunset while you are in this town. Just across the Bay of Angels from Castle Hill, you can witness one of the most dramatic sunsets of your life. Nice Old Town earned good ratings from Fast Followerz review because of this, so don’t miss it.

Parc Phoenix

A fun place to enjoy with your kids. Parc Phoenix has 20 themed sections. It took 2,500 plant species to make a park this big. At the heart of Parc Phoenix, there is a man-made lake where different species of birds gather together to welcome the visitors. This park was featured in the mobile traffic academy free download because it has one of the biggest greenhouses in Europe, The Green Diamond Greenhouse. Nice is serious in preserving nature through human intervention. Through their Green Diamond project, they were able to save endangered species of animals, exotic birds, and rare plants.


Jardin Albert I

This garden is a good reminder that there is peace even in chaos. It is located at the heart of Avenue des Phocéens. The place where it stands is a busy place. But as you look at the garden, you’ll find some serenity. The garden is greek-mythology inspired, so it has a nostalgic ring to it. At the centre of the fountain, you’ll find the statue of Appolo, the Sun God of Greeks. The statue is perfectly carved, it will make you buy website traffic. If you have still time to wander around, visit the neo-Gothic Church of Notre-Dame. It is located in the same neighbourhood.

Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain

Many artists around the world visit Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art because of its wide collection of contemporary art. Alexa traffic rank add on applauded the museum for being a bridge for other contemporary artists to show their work. The building itself exudes contemporary art. Due to lack of space for the wide variety of their featured artworks, they have utilized the space by interconnecting the three buildings. At the rooftop, you can get a good view of the city.